Features & Benefits

Implementing the Quest2travel solution can make doing travel bookings and submitting expense reports quick and easy for business travelers. To a certain extent it can free management and finance from reviewing hundreds of requisitions for travel requests and expense reports.

HRMS / ERP Interface

Being entirely web based, our application can be integrated with the client’s intranet and back-office ERP and accounting systems. An interface can to be developed between the Corporate’s HRMS system and the Quest2travel server for the smooth flow of incremental employee data both of employees joining, leaving and being transferred within an organization in real time. The system also has the capability of an interface for a single sign-on on the Corporate’s Intranet.

Corporate Travel & Expense Policy Mapping

Our technology allows us to define the entire organization structure along with details about divisions, departments, employees, designations, locations, travel policies, hierarchy levels, authorization/approval paths, etc. There are modules which allow us to define who is allowed to travel, on whose approval, under what conditions. Travel claim reimbursements can also be defined as per the Corporate’s travel and expense policies. Travel Policies get enforced resulting in guaranteed savings and eliminating delays, billing discrepancies and travel policy violations.

Travel Bookings

Our system offers the entire workflow for travel procurement from requisition to approval to travel policy compliant online booking to invoice generation, expense management, reimbursement and final settlement and covers all aspects of travel from domestic and international Air, Accommodation, Car, Rail, Bus, Guesthouse bookings to assistance on Visas. Passport, Insurance and Foreign Exchange.

Vendor Management

Corporate deals with airlines, is allotted and gets automatically embedded in each booking. So corporate fares and volume based incentives from the airlines to the Corporate continue. Over and above Quest2travel having a database of inventory of services, Integration of Corporate's vendors for all services are also possible in order to benefit the Corporate of their negotiated deals and rates with their existing vendors.

Expense Management

Our Expense management System Includes workflow for submission, approval, reimbursement and upload to your financial accounting system.
Expense reports (both domestic and international travel.) Supports multi-currency, travel policy compliant claims, daily/trip-wise individual limits for each spend category, auto linking of invoices for services booked thru the portal etc.
Local Expense Vouchers supports domestic currency only. For local intra-city visits and activities that requires smaller denomination expenses for rail/bus/taxi/auto transport, refreshments, courier charges etc. can include monthly reimbursement of charges paid towards mobile and data card usage, fuel expenses etc.

Budget Mapping

Budgeting can be programmed by allocating a pre-selected amount in the system which can vary department wise, cost center wise, region wise or as required by the Corporate. Automated notifications are generated to management as per requested schedules.

Automated Billing & GST Mapping

Data is automatically captured at the time of booking and hence there are nil discrepancies on billing compliance. The Corporate’s GST numbers are mapped at initial phase of implementation hence ensuring accurate GST mapping at the time of booking all services.

Live Dashboard & Reports

Variety of Real-time automated MIS reports along with various types of graphs and dashboards are available on the portal. Data is automatically saved and can be retrieved and displayed whenever needed for audit purposes and to study travel policy violations, buyer behavior and spending trends.

Mobile Apps

Quest2travel mobile app available hence convenient to raise requests, approve and book anywhere at any time. Xpentra App allows employees to manage their travel expenses and automates the entire claim process.